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I posted here a while ago about losing my camera. I never found it… - The American University in Cairo

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March 31st, 2006

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05:24 pm
I posted here a while ago about losing my camera. I never found it :((

Anyway, my last attempt to get another one failed (Amazon.com lost it in the mail so my friend couldn't bring it). I want to try again, and hopefully get one before I leave for spring break 12 April, Wednesday night so I can take pictures of my trips. My roommates mother is coming on the 16th, and I would send it with her, but she's coming 4 days after I leave.

SO, my question is:

Do any of you have friends or visitors coming to Cairo before the 12th of April??? Would any of them possibly be inclined to bring my camera with them if I ship it to them from Amazon.com? I'd be willing to work something out to compensate them if it would cause any inconvience.

If you know of someone who could do this for me PLEASE contact me ASAP (as I have to order the camera very soon for it arrive by the time they leave so I can get it by the 12th).

Thank you soo much!

Sara Ellena
Mobile: 0121353966
Dorm Room # 325
IM: oneironaut85
MSN: sbellena@hotmail.com
email: sara.ellena @ gmail.com
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful

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